"Albanians challenge Belgrade, wave flags in Presevo and Bujanovac"

Albanians waving their flag in Presevo

 In state buildings and private homes of the municipalities of Presevo and Bujanovac, on November 28 are raised Albanian flags. Thus begins the article of the Serbian daily 'Blic', which in the headline indicates that "Despite being prohibited by law, Albania's flag waves in Presevo and Bujanovac."

The article begins with a brief history of the most special day for all Albanians, marking the anniversary of Albania's Declaration of Independence on November 28 ,1912 in Vlora. 'Blic' writes that the central manifestation of Albanians in southern Serbia is marked by a cultural-artistic program at the Cultural Center 'Vuk Karadzic' in Bujanovac. It is reported that Albanian political leaders organized a reception for their compatriots. Indeed, it is alleged that despite the celebrations, no increased police force has been observed in the streets of Presevo and Bujanovac.

Further, the article of the Serbian newspaper, the media allegedly being controlled by Serbian President Aleksander Vucic, reports that the use of a foreign flag is a illegal act in the Serbian state.

The state protects, but the flags are still set, writes 'Blic', referring to the placement of the national red flag in the Serb municipalities inhabited by Albanians.

Because of the Albanian flag, every year local politicians are sentenced for violations of the laws, but they continue to expose it, the article of the Belgrade media continues.

In the end, the paper also mentions the request of the National Council of Albanians in Serbia headed by the Mayor of Bujanovac, Jonuz Musliu, for whom 'Blic' writes that it is controversial for the legalization of the Albanian flag, with particular emphasis on  November 28.

"Authorities in Serbia have asked Albanians living in Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja to create their own flag, which should be different from the national flag of the country of origin, as defined by the Law on National Minorities. In this case, they will have the right to use the flag at all times and officially, but Albanians do not accept this request," the Serbian newspaper writes.
"Albanians challenge Belgrade, wave flags in Presevo and Bujanovac" "Albanians challenge Belgrade, wave flags in Presevo and Bujanovac" Tuesday, November 28, 2017 Rating: 5
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