WB: over 180 thousand people live with only $ 3 per day in Albania

 The number of people living with less than three dollars a day in Albania is relatively high. The World Bank in the Migration and Mobility report reported that 6.3% of the country's population (181,225 people) lives with three dollars a day (2017 estimate).

While more than 20,000 and 300 people live with $ 1.9 USD a day.

While a moderate poverty, a 5.5-dollar lifestyle measurement per day is widespread in our country. The Internationally Financed Institution estimates that 32.8% of the population or about 1 million people finance their livelihoods by about $ 5 a day.

Despite being at higher levels than the region, poverty in Albania is a downward phenomenon. But as the decline has been faster in the population-living group of $ 5 a day in the group living in extreme poverty, the decline has been stiffer.

Compared to the region, Albania is still weak in poverty indicators in 2017.

The percentage of the population living at about $ 5 a day is much lower in Serbia, Macedonia, and Bosnia. Even in Kosovo, the percentage of the population living in extreme poverty is lower than in Albania with only 0.2% of the total population.

The Bank says Albania's economic growth is strengthened to 3.4% in 2016 and is projected to be on average of 3.5% in 2017-19. Economic growth has improved the labor market, strengthening the chances for further poverty reduction.

WB in the future sees Albania's exports and foreign investment flows at risk, translating further into lower tax revenues, fewer public investments and consequently lower economic growth.

To ensure macroeconomic stability, the country needs more structural reforms and improved business climate..
WB: over 180 thousand people live with only $ 3 per day in Albania WB: over 180 thousand people live with only $ 3 per day in Albania Wednesday, October 25, 2017 Rating: 5
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