Two Albanian films at the Eastern Neighbors Film Festival

Two Albanian films at the Eastern Neighbors Film Festival

 Two Albanian films are competing at the Eastern Neighbors Film Festival in Netherlands. The news is announced by the new Director of Archives Iris Elezi. The films are the premieres of "Plastic Flowers" of Ylljet Alicka and the film "Brava" of Bujar Alimani & Erand Sojli that will appear in Hague.

The movie "Plastic Flowers" bearing Alice's signature as author and director tells the story of an elderly couple from the village who come to Tirana enthusiastically at a wedding where they are invited, and the great pleasure they will have in this wedding. But by this avoidance, in addition to this feeling of solitude begins the rediscovering of one another.

The film is based on the story "Couple" written by Alicka. This movie has returned to screen the famous actor Robert Ndrenika as well as the actors Zana Prifti, Gent Hazizi or Elia Zaharia. This is the second time that Alicka collaborates with Ndrenika after the film "Parrullat".

While the movie "Brava" directed by Bujar Aliman and Erand Sojli leads us to the problems of the new unrest that mankind is facing. At the center of the film is Ariani, a 40-year-old Albanian who goes to pick up personal belongings to his son, Denis, who died in a terrorist assassination.

Coincidentally in the building's parking lot, he finds two Syrian refugees, Asian, and Lejla, her seven-year-old daughter. After that, Ariani decides to help and takes them to a hotel in the suburbs of Tirana. But here are the problems. Asia and Leyla are introduced to the terrorist prejudice against Muslims. The shop assistant refuses to accommodate them even against the payment.

Found in this situation, Arjani decides to take them to his home. He gives the clothes of his wife to Asias, and to the daughter the pajamas of his dead boy. The situation is tense when Arian's wife Flora comes home.

This film deals with a topic that has not been treated in Albanian cinema, is inspired by the events surrounding the great influx of Syrian refugees who fled the war and are heading to Europe.

A special guest at the Eastern Neighbors Film Festival is the director from Kosova Dren Zherka, who will present the film Eho.
Two Albanian films at the Eastern Neighbors Film Festival Two Albanian films at the Eastern Neighbors Film Festival Monday, October 23, 2017 Rating: 5
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