Swedish Politician of Albanian descent Tina Xhemajli fighting for gender equality in Stockholm

Tina Xhemajli portrait

 The Swedish politician from Kosovo, Tina Xhemajli, who is a member and vice-president of the Municipal Council of Staffanstorp Municipality in Sweden, decided to leave her party, the Party of Moderates, one of the two largest parties in Sweden, due to her dissatisfaction with the treatment of women within the party, reports Klan Kosova.

Xhemajli told to Swedish television news program "Sverige" that there is a "medieval view of the woman" within her party.

Xhemajli had become a member of the Moderate Party, a party with liberal-conservative ideological since 2006 and was one of the main party politicians at Staffanstorp.

"There is a culture inside the party that creates disadvantages for women. Especially for new mothers it is often heard how inadequate it is to be politically active," said Xhemajli.

She says that it is quite different when it comes to men who are made with children, compared to women.

"It is said for men that it is a precious thing to have children. They are rewarded with even higher salaries and positions. "

She feld the inequality her own when she was missing becauseshe gave birth to her child.

She, a year and a half ago, accepted the approval of missing in various meetings because she would take care of her newborn daughter, but while she was on maternity, her party asked to her to give up the positions she held within the party because of her long absence was unacceptable.

"This is one of the reasons that made me to leave the party, but above all, is the culture that proclaims the party about these issues."

"I am witness to some such cases, but I do not want to mention specific names, it is up to us women to face these problems."

However, Xhemajli, when asked of who are the people within her party asking women to leave their political positions, she has refused to give any name.

Xhemajli's statements have been opposed the mayor Christian Sonesson, saying that what is being presented by Xhemajli does not stand.

"In our party the opportunities are equal for both women and men."

"Gender does not specify the position, or what salary earns. So what Tina says is not true. I do not see that we have such a problem in the party," said Sonesson.

In the meantime, Tina Xhemajli has stated that she will continue to hold her positions as a member of the City Council and vice-president.

"I take the responsibilities I have because I've the confidence of the voters. I do this job and do it well. Relating to my decision, I received very positive messages from people. "

She has shown that maybe in the future she will become a member of any other party with which she shares similar attitudes, Klan Kosova reports./Oculus News

Swedish Politician of Albanian descent Tina Xhemajli fighting for gender equality in Stockholm Swedish Politician of Albanian descent Tina Xhemajli fighting for gender equality in Stockholm Saturday, October 07, 2017 Rating: 5
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