Albanian billionaires who broke the Law against Smoking

Behxhet Pacolli and Lazim Destani in Pristina

 Behgjet Pacolli and Lazim Destani have broken the Law against smoking, Friday night, in Pristina, when the businessman from Macedonia visited the First Vice Prime Minister.

Destani has published the photo with Pacolli where they are seen smoking the cigar. The businessman from Macedonia wrote that has used the time spent with Pacolli to congratulate him for the new position on the Government.

"It was a pleasure the meeting last night in Pristina with my friend Behxhet Pacolli. During the time we spent together, I congratulated him for his new post as Foreign Minister in the Kosovo government.

The two billionaires who broke the Law against smoking

"On this occasion, among other things, we talked about opportunities and ways of Kosovo's economic development, while for his new job I expressed my confidence and conviction that the department he leads will give a new impetus to the advancement of the euro-integrating processes and strengthening the position of the Republic of Kosovo on the international stage," wrote Destani, at FB.

Lazim Destani is originally from Sharr Mountains of Tetovo. His wealth is estimated at about 5 billion of euros. Meanwhile, Pacolli's wealth is estimated at over 7 billion of euros..
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