Serafina Demaku, the Albanian who competes to be part of Austrian Parliament

Serafina Demaku portrait

 The 21-year old girl from Kosovo, Serafina Demaku is running to be part of the Austrian Parliament.

Demaku competes within the Socialist Party of Austria in the pre-election parliamentary elections to be held in this country on October 15.

Who is Serafina Demaku?

"Periskopi" had a conversation with Serafina Demaku, who currently is studing at the Faculty of Law in Vienna.

Demaku talks about her long-standing commitment to the Socialist Party and her political path as well as about her family and Kosovo.

Born on March 25, 1996 in Baden, Vienna, Serafina Demaku is engaged at a young age in the activities of the Socialist Party in Austria.

Serafina Demaku and Austrian Socialist Party youth

In 2011, she is engaged in non-governmental organizations on the issue of migration. Within the organization 'Menschen.leben', she holds lectures for young people regarding the issue of migration.

In 2012, Demaku became one of the students who earned the right to a three-month internship in the Austrian Parliament until a year later, in 2013, became a member of the board of the "Aktion Kritischer SchülerInnen" organization, which deals with the support of students who did not achieved good learning outcomes.

Serafina Demaku

In addition to her ongoing activities in the Socialist Party, Demaku is committed to practical work in the Embassy of Kosovo in Vienna since 2015.

From 2015, Serafina Demaku also launched the most formal political journey within the Socialist Party. In 2015, she became part of the leadership of the Austrian Socialist Youth, where until May 2017 she holds the post of Secretary of the Austrian Socialist Youth.

After a few years of activities within the Socialist Party, Demaku joins the list of candidates for deputies in the Vienna Parliament in the early elections that Austria has announced to held on October 15.

She tells to Periskop that she expects a great support from Albanian compatriots in Austria.

"To complain is not enough, you have to be active," says Serafina.

"I am the voice of the youth and I want to look after them.

Like all Europe, Austria faces different issues and problems recently, directly related to the issue of foreigners," she said./Oculus News

Serafina Demaku, the Albanian who competes to be part of Austrian Parliament Serafina Demaku, the Albanian who competes to be part of Austrian Parliament Thursday, September 21, 2017 Rating: 5
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