Pjeter Bogdani, the priest who built the first Albanian library in 1638

Pjetër Bogdani painting
Pjeter Bogdani painting

 Recently is published the book "Shkodra, Contributions to Albanian Cultural and Artistic Traditions" by the author and the journalist Marian Shestani. This book comes as a 15-year work by Shestan, who passed away recently.

Among others, he also speaks of Pjeter Bogdani, the well known writer as the father of Albanian literature and the possessor of the first Albanian library. 

Shestani, among others, writes:

My Lord Pjeter Bogdani
Monsignor Pjeter Bogdani is born in Gur of Has, spent most of his life and activity for more than twenty years in Shkodra, as bishop of the Bishopric and administrator of the Archdiocese of Tivar.

He attended studies at the College of Propaganda Fides, where he is graduated as a doctor in philosophy and theology. During the turbulent Turkish - Austrian War years, 1664-1669 was hiding in the villages of Barbullush and Rrjoll of Shkodra. To this day, Bogdani's cave in Rrjoll is named Bogdan's Cave.

He was appointed Archbishop of Skopje, from where he would go to Venice and Padua. After returning to the Balkans in March 1886, he supported the insurgency against Ottomans, especially in Kosovo, where he organized the unification of a force of 6,000 Austrian soldiers, but most of the army faced the plague, a disease that affected also Bogdani, from which he would die on December 6, 1689.
The Platoon of the Prophets cover photo, Pjeter Bogdani book
The Platoon of the Prophets cover photo

His main work is "The Platoon of the Prophets". This work is characterized by literary features and is marked as the masterpiece of the old Albanian literature.

With his prose and poetry he touches one of the greatest personalities of Albanian science and culture of the time. While his prose was worked in hight levels of the time, what makes Bogdani known as the "father of Albanian artistic prose".

He also built his great library since 1638. He carried it everywhere with himself, even in Shkodra. It turns out to be the first Albanian library./Oculus News

Pjeter Bogdani, the priest who built the first Albanian library in 1638 Pjeter Bogdani, the priest who built the first Albanian library in 1638 Wednesday, September 20, 2017 Rating: 5
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