Gambling, cocaine and luxury vehicles in Tirana, a 34-year-old arrested

Poker table in a Bar in TIrana

 The "Autumn 2017" Police Operation, which is extending across the country to crack down the illegitimacy led to the sequestration of seven luxury cars and an armored car in the capital, which are suspected of being purchased from criminal proceeds.

In the course of the operation two Bars are inspected relating to illegal gambling, where Police found that on one of them is sold cocaine.

The Tirana Police arrested the 34-year-old Kristaq Sinaj, who owned one of the illegal gambling Bars, where cocaine was sold.

The 34-year-old turns out to be a person with previous precedents, having previously been convicted of "illegal possession of weapons".

Official sources from the police say that at the end of the operation, 3 suspected cocaine-related narcotics have been seized, resulting in a weight of 1.4 grams, 3 poker tables, 30 poker coins for gambling and cocaine remains.


The Implementation of the Operational Plan "Autumn 2017" continues.

Controls throughout the district of Tirana continue.

Seven luxury vehicles and one armored vehicle are blocked.

There are 2 Bar-casinos where illegal gambling activity was practiced, and one of them is sold cocaine

The owner of the Bar-casino was arrested.

The services of the Local Police Directorate of Tirana, following the implementation of the "Autumn 2017" operational plan, continued with the inspections in the district of Tirana, where as a result of the examinations conducted on 23.09.2017, this citizen was arrested:

- Kristaq Sinaj, 34, resident in Tirana, previously convicted of the criminal offense "illegal possession of weapons".

This citizen used his casino premises for the illegal organization of gambling and sales of cocaine.

During the control exercised at the casino (owned by this citizen) at "Mikel Maruli" Street was found and seized in the quality of material evidence:

- 3 suspected doses of cocaine-related narcotics that resulted in a weight of 1.4 grams

- 3 poker tables

- 30 poker coins

- containers with cocaine remnants

Also, a citizen S.R., 23, resident of Tirana, is being prosecuted for his illegal activity in gambling at his premises at "Mikel Maruli" Street.

During the inspections seven luxury vehicles and one armored are sequestred, allegedly purchased by criminal activity.

The materials are referred to the Office of Tirana Prosecutor.../Oculus News

Gambling, cocaine and luxury vehicles in Tirana, a 34-year-old arrested Gambling, cocaine and luxury vehicles in Tirana, a 34-year-old arrested Saturday, September 23, 2017 Rating: 5
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