Again online ISIS website in Albanian language

ISIS site in Albanian language screenshoot

 The official site of the terrorist group of Islamic State is continuing its activity in Albanian language, showing the news and recent events of ISIS terrorists, as well as calling for their fight against the whole world.

"Caliphate" is called the official ISIS site that is operating again in Kosovo. Earlier, after the Gazeta Expressdenounciation, this site was closed by the Kosovo Police Investigation Department, but now, the people who maintain the site have managed through a system that is automatically used to "Tor Browser" - and this serves to lost track of where the server is located.

As the "latest news" on this site was also published the attack that occurred in London at the station, where about 30 people were injured.

"The wounding of about 30 christians from the explosion of an explosive device in a London subway," the news published by the ISIS terrorist site in Albanian./Oculus News

Again online ISIS website in Albanian language Again online ISIS website in Albanian language Saturday, September 16, 2017 Rating: 5
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