The Illyrian Uprising that shook the Roman Empire

The Illyrian Uprising that shook the Roman Empire

 The biggest armed uprising of the Illyrians happened in 6-9 of our era.

The revolt led by Bato of the Daesitiate tribe, turned into an armed conflict between Roman troops and an Alliance of Illyrian tribes.

The cause of revolt was the decision of Rome for a military mobilization in Illyria.

The insurgents attacked in many directions. Some of them occupied the provinces and coastal cities, others entered Macedonia, and a third major power took the northwest direction to Italy.

The Illyrian liberation war became dangerous. Her sorrow shook the central government. The emperor Oktavian declared in the Senate that if no extraordinary measures were taken, Illyrian rebel armies for 10 days would enter Rome.

He asked the rich to sacrifice part of their wealth for the needs of the war.

The Emperor Oktavian urged the great Roman General, Germanic, with his troops to go to Illyria to suppress the uprising.

Another Illyrian tribe joined the revolt - Breuci - and its leader was also called Bato. In the summer of 8, Bato Breuci withdraws from the alliance.

A year later he is captured by Bato Daesitiate and executed.

The uprising lasted 4 years. After bloody battles and multiple losses, on 9 September, Bato Daesitiates surrendered.

The Illyrian Uprising that shook the Roman Empire

After the war, Germanicus with his troops carried out a separation of Illyrian tribes into small groups, changing their composition and areas of residence, while other tribal members were sold as slaves or sent to remote regions of the Empire.

According to a tradition, when Germanicus asked why he had risen, Bato replied, "You Romans are to blame for this rebellion, because when you take us as soldiers you use us not as shepherds but as wolves". Bato Daesitiatese spent the rest of his life isolated in the Italian town of Ravenna.

The Illyrian uprising of the years 6-9, according to the Roman historian of the second Suetons, has been the most terrible of all the external wars that Roma made after the Cartagena War.

Its great positive role was that stopped the progress of the Romans in central Europe, towards which they were never pushed ever again.

So only after a long war, which lasted for more than a century and a half, the Romans finally broke the Illyrian resistance./Oculus News

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