Kole Kristofori, the first Albanian in America in 1892

 Do you know who was the first Albanian to go to America? Because of the political, social and economic conditions, Albanians are familiary early to immigration, while the closest countries were the ones that attracted them most, a country beyond the ocean soon began to wake up their interest. America turning into a dream waited Albanians at first in 1892, when there went the first Albanian, Kole Kristofori.

The first Albanian to go to America was Kole Kristofori from the village of Katund, Korça, in 1884. After six years, Kola returned to Katunda well dressed, with a luxurious hat on his head and his pockets full of money. He confessed to the villagers of what he had seen in the New World and that in America, a laborer would earn $ 10 a day, selling flowers and fruit on the road, when a worker in Albania barely make in a year. In 1892, Kole Kristofori became priest in a Church of Boston with 17 friends this village that were previously as emigrants in Romania and Greece.

Thus, the first Albanian landing in America are: Father Kole Kristofori, Hari Take Rrapo Laska, Dhoskë Adham Sotir, Sotir Adham Thomas, Joseph Adham Sotir, Sotir Lezi, Geli Goni Stevenson, Father Dhosi katundi, Dhime Pano Peterson, Fani Kosta Thomas Kosta, Hari V. Kaçka, Argir Peto, Fani Cico Angjel, Dhima Andrea Pano, Fanes Rrapi and Toli Dhami./Oculus News

Kole Kristofori, the first Albanian in America in 1892 Kole Kristofori, the first Albanian in America in 1892 Monday, August 14, 2017 Rating: 5
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