Al-Idrisi, the Arabian Geograph who described the Albanian lands

Tabula Roxherina of Idrisi

 Muhammad al-Idrisi (1099-1166) was a famous Arab geographer and certainly the best geographer of the Islamic Golden Age. He was born in Ceuta, North Africa and reportedly studied in Cordoba, and has traveled extensively throughout Andalusia and North Africa.

For unclear reasons, he settled in the courtyard of King Roger II of Sicily (1105-1154). Al-Idrisi wrote in 1154 a well-known geography book on world history in honor of King Roger II, "Tabula Roxherina" (Map of Roger).

Al Idrisi
Muhammad al-Idrisi, the author of one of the first geographic works, "Tabula Roxherina".

This work is divided into seven climatic zones and reflects the knowledge of the time for the Mediterranean and Europe. It was completed in 1154 and provides some useful information about Albania and Macedonia.

Tabula Roxherina, drawn by al-Idrisi, was the most advanced map of the time.

The Albanian lands are considered by him as "the place of the Romans " (Byzantines). He illustrates two ridges descenting from North to South: "Lezha Mountain" (Lesu) and that of Tamura (Tomorri) reaching Vlora (Abluna); The three main rivers "Istrim" (Drin), "Dabuli" (Devolli), "Biusa" (Vjosa).

About Butrint he writes: "A rich and populated city with many granary. The cities are lined North-South along the coast, from Antibara (Tivar), Dulcino, Lesu, Duras, Abluna, Kania, Himara.

From the Albanian coast start the main transversal Balkan routes: from Durres and through "Batarla" (Petrela) leads to Ohrid, Bitola (Bitola) and thence to Thessaloniki; In Ohrid there is separated the branch that through the town "Bulug" (Polog) leads to "Uskufi" (Skopje) and to Danube.

BAlkans map of al-Idrisi
Maps of the Balkans, by al-Idrisi.

From Abluna begins the road that leads to "Adrinubul" (Dropull) and tehn to Ioannina, Kostur and the areas around. "

Al-Idris records tell us that Albanian territories were penetrated early by a network of traffic roads and that the country participated in international exchanges./Oculus News

Al-Idrisi, the Arabian Geograph who described the Albanian lands Al-Idrisi, the Arabian Geograph who described the Albanian lands Tuesday, August 08, 2017 Rating: 5
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