Macedonian Police Patrol at Albanian Beaches

Macedonian Police Patrol at Albanian Beaches

 The number of Macedonian citizens who come on holydays in Albania during the Summer has increased to the point that Albania asked help to the Macedonian police to patrol at Albanian resorts.

Following an agreement between the Albanian and Macedonian Interior Ministry, this Summer, for the first time, Macedonian Police will help the Albanian not only to help Albanian Road Police, but also fighting the crime.

Albanian Road Police Chief Mitat Tola told to BIRN that this kind of assistance is needed at the peak of the season, in July and August.

In return, he said, Albanian police will help maintain order in the Macedonian tourist city of Ohrid.

Meanwhile, Macedonian police will patrol and maintain order in the southern city of Saranda, which is becoming a destination increasingly popular for Macedonians, partly due to its proximity to the Greek island and the tourist center of Corfu.

"The assistance has become necessary taking into account the growing trend among Macedonian citizens to spend their summer vacation in Albania, especially in the south," Tola said.

Since May, media in Macedonia have reported an increase in the number of people crossing the Qafë Thanë border crossing point in Albania to head south of Albanian beaches.

Tola said the latest initiative was in line with the agreed of co-operation between police in the Balkans in their fight against crime.

For eight years in a row Kosovo Police helped Albanian Police during the summer months, mainly in the northwest of Albania. Visitors from Kosovo are mainly oriented to the coastal zones of Shengjin and Durrës.

Kosovo police also patrols with their vehicles and equipment, besides joining patrols that consist of police officers from both countries./Oculus News

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