FAO donates $ 200,000 for Albanian children attending educational institutions to be feeded with bio products

 $ 200,000 is the fund that the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) made available to the national program for feeding with bio products the children attending preschool and compulsory education institutions in Albania. 

In co-operation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Education and three line ministries, this project is expected to start from being implemented initially in several schools in Tirana during the following year. According to FAO office in Albania, its benefits will be numerous as it focuses on improving the status of young people's health and nutrition, and promoting healthy eating practices in schools. 

In it will be includet local producers to collaborate and provide the healthiest foods for children. In addition to FAO funding, this project will also be funded by state subsidies and donors.

According to FAO figures, currently 17.4 percent of children live in complete poverty, and 2 percent live in incomparable households, which does not allow them a good health and wellbeing.

Another problem for Albanian children is obesity, which affects 27 percent of children. For this reason, the bio food package to be offered in preschool and compulsory education institutions in the country will avoid consuming harmful and non-nutritious foods from children./Oculus News

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