25-year-old Albanian Resmantini rebuild Titanic ship in miniature

Titanic ship in miniature

  A young man from Gramsh city has recreated almost perfectly, albeit in miniature, the unfortunate ship of the Titanic.

The 25-year-old Resmantin Rika who is graduated in Vlora in ship engineers seems to have a great passion for this field and has already realized a miracle.

Resmantine managed to design and create in his mind the famous ship, which in the photos realized looks real, with all the details and elements that make it look the same as the original.

Titanic ship in miniature

This is not the first work of the young man from Gramsh, gramshinewz.al reports.

Titanic ship in miniature

Until now, he has not yet managed to work in his profession, but he has never given up dreaming of becoming a very skilled engineer, even though he has so far encountered difficulties./Oculus News

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