Konstantinos Pangalis: The Albanians are the real Hellenes and not the Greeks

 The Greek researcher Konstantinos Pangalis explains on a Greek television who the Greeks are today, who were the Hellene and the Albanians. He explains that Albanians are part of this land, he explains that Greek history today is not related to the truth, explains that the Albanians are the Illyrians, explains that the Albanians are the Hellenes and not the Greeks of today. 

Journalist: You are telling us Mr. Pangalo that there are people who are not only Hellenes on the passport, but they are true Hellenes.

Pangalo: I want to add some things. The search and discovery are impartial things. They do not say that I like this. The experienced archaeologist understands that what he finds is good, then if we can find the meaning is even better.

Mr Georgiali (right-wing extremist) said that the topic is open over the Hellene and here we fall into a huge trap. Today we are called Hellenes, but 30,000 years ago how we were called? This is a dilemma. We see tribes, many tribes ... The Hellenization circle is found through Theakia to Thessaloniki.

Journalist: Do you mean that we went until there?

Pangalo: Yes, there, no further. There is the circle, but we do no talk, of the Hellenization, yes ...

How can we advertise the civilizations of what our ancestors inherited to us today?

I will stay in the last habit of talking about the Eleusinian mysteries if we do not study the Jewish religion, which is the monotheistic religion of the old age. We can neither learn nor understand anything, we must continue to change our minds, the globe does not roll around the "Greeks." But we go back and we can not get there, there was really a civilization that does not pass even into our minds.

Konstantinos Pangalis: The Albanians are the real Hellenes and not the Greeks

The things we learn today are nothing with the truth of that time, we have just learned about Jewish Archeology, Helene Archeology and ALBANIAN ARCHEOLOGY where anyone can see it right now.

 They can search to Google and look at the map see that they are self called Shqipëtarë, but we offend them (the Albanians)! We forget that they are Illyrians, ok! They are the GIANTS GEORGES, giants have also the Jews in their Bibles. What is happening people, maybe we sold the whole meaning of the word? In whose name?

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