Gianni De Biasi to leave Albania

 At the press conference after returning to Albania and the victory over Israel in Haifa, the coach Gianni De Biasi confirmed he will leave the Albanian national leadership at the end of the eliminators.

By the end of the eliminators there are still some games to play, but De Biasi will be remembered as the most successful coach in charge of Albania, as one of the protagonists of our team's historic qualification in a major competition, such as that of June last year in European Championship held in French.

The darkest period of De Biasi on top of the Albanian Rossoneri was the five official and friendly matches before facing with Israel, all lost.

These losses, especially the one against Luxembourg 2-1, added rumors that required him to leave.

The coach also commented on these voices. "I'm sorry that after the game with Israel many would like to prepare my funeral," he said.

De Biasi said he had special relationships with the president of AFF and many beautiful memories, but in personal terms there are also memories that he would not want to remember./Oculus News

Gianni De Biasi to leave Albania Gianni De Biasi to leave Albania Tuesday, June 13, 2017 Rating: 5
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