Swiss Woman steals 761,000 francs for her Albanian husband

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 A 55-year-old employee was sentenced to 24 months in prison on parole. Her husband, with 13 months in prison also on parole.

A Swiss employee who worked at a Klettgau firm as accountant has absorbed 761 thousand francs from the firm's vault. Last week she was convicted by the Schaffhausen Canton Court, writes

She made a total of 204 separate shipments to herself and her husband, a Kosovar. The money has already been spent: is financed their lives and the consumption of alcohol of the Kosovars In addition, a considerable part of the money was sent to Kosovar's relatives in Kosovo.

The 55-year-old employee was found guilty for unlawfuly favoring the creditor and for money laundering. For all these "mistakes" she has been sentenced to 24 months of imprisonment on parole and a fine of 100 francs for driving in black on a bus (!). She should also cover the costs of the trial of at least 7000 francs.

Meanwhile, she has been found guilty of demaging the creditors by diminishing the property and other charges for securing a false certificate.

On the other hand, the employee's spouse was sentenced to 13 months on parole and a fine of 1,200 francs. He has taken this penalty for multiple money laundering, as illegal possession of weapons, cocaine consumption, driving drunk and use of public transport without a ticket. He carries the procedural costs in the amount of 2500 francs.

A release from the charges was imposed on the 80-year-old mother of the convicted woman. However, the panel has not been unique in terms of release. One of the judges was to sue her with the argument that she had induced her daughter to commit misappropriation, while the other two were opposed, transmeton Certainly, the well-known legal principle prevailed: in case of doubt it is decided in favor of the accused.

The Trial Panel found that the criminal offense of money laundering of both of them is proven at least relating to the amount of 176 thousand francs that were sent to Kosovo relatives. For this there is testimony.

Both ot them have accepted the civil lawsuit of the defendant company to repay the amount of 761,000 francs. They do not own any assets and are unemployed, so the debt seems to be very difficult, the newspaper writes./Oculus News

Swiss Woman steals 761,000 francs for her Albanian husband Swiss Woman steals 761,000 francs for her Albanian husband Monday, May 22, 2017 Rating: 5
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