Ngjela: Americans will publish these days all Berisha's anti-national affairs

Ngjela: Americans will publish these days all Berisha's anti-national affairs

The Advocate Spartak Ngjela, Prime Minister Rama's ally, in an analysis published on Facebook claims that Americans will soon publish "all the anti-national affairs of Sali Berisha."

Ngjela's post:

Do you see what the thieves want to do to Albania? Desire and opportunity is a tough relationship. But the possibility arises from reality. The thieves has no possibility to create instability, because this Albanian reality does not alloy them: the Albanian-American alliance is in force ... great interest.

I. What is this we see as preparation? It is the mental depravity of Sali Berisha's extreme fear that has called on his supporters to protect him from the crackdown. But who are the supporters? The victims who have been stolen are the supporters and seek to secure the to the thief the stolen thing from them. Are there black humor writers in Albania today? No, no. But they will write this tragic comedy  - for that I am convinced.

Are other supporters of Sali in this company? Yes; Are Sali's collaborators thieves who have hope, but they are also those of the sourcing hordes that expect to gain anything from destabilization-that is to steal Tirana's shops. Nothing ... they can not do anything: they are lost. The thief is usually cowards. Major revolts come as a result of violations of rights. Revolters always have direct interest. "Saliu's protesters" want to escape retribution.

II. All this leads to the cause of nothingness. Berisha gang is hopeless. And in the circle of people to be hit, it's his family. Of course, it is understandable that this is the great pressure on his psyche. But every mistake is costing: unscrupulous Berisha's corruption is the heavy cost that Saliu has to pay in favor of Albanians. They can not escape. Americans give no guarantees other than legal ones. "You have to hand over the stolen thing" Americans told to Sali, without prolonging it. Really does this ridiculous man think that could intimidate American politics with instability in Albania? Childish naivete.

III. The internationals have all the facts in their hands. But will Americans make public all the anti-national affairs of Sali Berisha these days? I think Yes, they will publish them to the Albanian public opinion. In fact, this is an immediate demand of the Albanian-American alliance. American politics should do this act these days! While it is certain they have facts, why should they keep them? Tragedy of thieves will be very tangible in Albania: no one can escape.

Sali's riots want to frighten US politics in order for Americans to make concessions: to leave untouched the money and stolen things from him and his family . Nothing. Salius has been invaded by his own psychological nothingness: no one has ever escaped through the "force" of this nothingness. No one and no one ... Historically all have fallen into the abyss they themselves augur. Albania and Albanians today are safer than ever./Oculus News

Ngjela: Americans will publish these days all Berisha's anti-national affairs Ngjela: Americans will publish these days all Berisha's anti-national affairs Friday, May 12, 2017 Rating: 5
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