Greece, the only country that has no cemeteries for Muslims

 For the first time in more than a century, in Greece, Thessaloniki will be open cemeteries for Muslims.

The demand that at any European country would now sound like an overcomed issue, in Greece appears to be a thorny social issue with political projections.

So for this reason, the demand for the final solution to this stalemate was made by 34 members of the Syriza party. Through a letter addressed to the relevant ministries, 34 MPs urged the government to open the special cemeteries for Muslims and give them the opportunity to perform dead rites of this population, which according to them places the dignity of non-Orthodox faith fellow citizens, furthermore will be a step towards improving the democratic image of an EU member state such as Greece.

The letter says it is time for Muslims to bury the dead in the country they want, with respect and dignity. For this they demand immediate allocation of a surface in the Athens cemetery, in the place called "skisto", as well as in the municipal cemetery of Thessaloniki.

Until the beginning of the 20th century century in Greece had also Mosque and graves for Muslims, but after the 1940s, Athens officials followed the harsh line against the Muslim community living in the big cities of the country, denying their human and constitutional rights. Not least, Athens has confronted its image, not only in the eyes pf the democratic world but also with the Muslim countries, which maintains good traditional relationships.

So far, in the big cities of Greece, Muslims perform their religious rites in cellars and magazines fitted as Mosques, while the dead were sent to be buried with Muslim rites in the area of Thrace and Komotini, areas in which a Muslim community lives./Oculus News

Greece, the only country that has no cemeteries for Muslims Greece, the only country that has no cemeteries for Muslims Sunday, May 21, 2017 Rating: 5
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