Ex CIA chief on Balkans Steven Meyer: Border changes may happen in Kosovo and Macedonia

Ex CIA chief on Balkans Steven Meyer: Border

 Former CIA chief for the Balkans, Steven Meyer, says in the Balkans, sooner or later, the boundaries will change.

In an interview for the Serbian media "Novosti", he says the borders will most likely be changed in Macedonia as well as in Kosovo. He estimates that the European Union has no choice for the Balkans, and the United States is not interested in the region.

Speaking of the situation in the region, Meyer says: "Bosnia and Herzegovina is now far from being a united country. The Kosovo issue is becoming more serious, while Macedonia is declining seriously for months. At the same time, the EU has no answer to the questions that concern the Balkans," Meyer said.

According to him, eventual changes of the borders between Albania and Macedonia could bring about the creation of Greater Albania, but that would not have the support of the US.

"However, it is important to keep in mind that Washington is no longer interested in the Balkans. The Trump administration will not react in particular if these changes are achieved peacefully, as in the case of Montenegro's independence," added the political analyst.

Asked what fate awaits Macedonia, he says: "If Montenegro and Kosovo can prove the independence, Macedonia will also be able to. But perhaps this would not be the best way to deal with Macedonia. In this case, they will also consider the federal union with Serbia ".

Asked how the US administration would respond to the formation of the Kosovo Army, Meyer says the current US government is not in favor of this, @but that can easily change."

"The Trump Administration has a small access to experts on the Balkans. Serbia must carefully follow the changes in US policy," he stressed.

In his words, "The Kosovo Army, if will be formed, would add to the region an upsetting element in a situation that is already unstable."

"This is particularly true of the danger of possible clashes in northern Kosovo," the former CIA chief, engaged in Balkan issues, added.

Speaking of the situation in Bosnia, Meyer says that after resignation of the indictment against Serbia, Bosnia may become unstable.

"Bosniaks are now dissatisfied and angry, while Serbs are satisfied. This in particular makes the relations between the Federations and Republika Srpska more difficult," he points out./Oculus News

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