Turkish submarine leaving Durres Port (Video)

 Turkish military submarine has left the port of Durres after four days stay in our country.

Its visit was held in the framework of NATO's maritime operations and maritime cooperation between Turkish and Albanian fleets.

Turkish submarine docked at the quay No. 5 port of Durres.

Stayed four days in our country. This submarine is engaged not only in maritime territorial security of the Turkish State but also in operations of NATO for peace and security in the region.

The submarine is of 209 diesel electric class. It is fabricated in 2008. Has on its its board eight torpedo missiles. It is 62 m long and has a military crew of 45 sailors.

Turkish submarine leaving Durres Port (Video)

During its stay in Durres, military crew met with The Military local officials as well as local leaders.

Also they organized and visits to archeological sites and museums in Durres, Kruja and Shkodra. It was also held a football match between Turkish and Albanian counterparts sailors./Oculus News

Turkish submarine leaving Durres Port (Video) Turkish submarine leaving Durres Port (Video) Sunday, April 02, 2017 Rating: 5
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