Tirana Municipality donates 2,000 olive trees to Farka Lake inhabitants

Tirana Municipality donates 2,000 olive trees to Farka Lake inhabitants

 Tirana Municipality will distribute approximately two thousand olive trees to families living near Farka Lake, which together with decorative trees will create its green crown. 

Mayor Veliaj yesterday afternoon was present to the next action to plant new trees in the park of Farka, where he stressed that the Municipality is keeping another promise to the citizens.

"We are donating to the community two thousand olive trees, which means that we respect their property, but we are giving the trees to them to make green the part of their property nearby Farka Lake. So we have a kind of cooperation, where from the part of the promenade to the Lake is invested by the Municipality, while above the promenade the planting of olive trees is left to the hands of the citizens," said Veliaj. He said Farka Park is receiving every day more and more shape to become one of the most attractive areas for citizens.

Veliaj said that in these 25 years we have lost a lot of time with disruption and added that now is the moment to work.

"I am glad that Farka Park is becoming more and more alive. I am enthusiastic about the activities that we will host here, the area acquires another status. We are now in a situation where we have to make some decisions about our values as Albanians. We will plant more trees or will sow more discord and quarrels? I think we've lost a lot of time in these 25 years being divided by sowing hatred, planting hassle and smokescreen; it is time to plant more trees, to work harder. The motto of Tirana is working because I believe that only work brings us into the light and work leads us forward, "he said.

The mayor announced that soon Tirana Municipality will start the project of Orbital Forest also alongside highways and Tirana Rings to ensure that the capital will have a green wreath of 2 million trees, which will serve as lungs for the capital. "I would use the work well in recent weeks left from March and April, where we can make planting, then to recover the rest of the summer and autumn, when will continue with Orbital Forest process," Veliaj said.

Within the initiatives taken by the city to reduce pollution, Veliaj stated that will continue work on improving public transport, as well as for the construction of two new rings.

"Today we conclude successfully that public transport is functioning much better, however we are open to any objection. We are at the beginning of the conception of two new Tirana Rings, the second ring road and fourth ring. I believe that very soon will have a construction project of two rings, to give more circulation to Tirana transport, but certainly giving priority to buses, bicycles and pedestrians. Meanwhile, next month we expect to partially open the New Boulevard and certainly draw nearer the end of the investment in Skanderbeg Square, which today has completed all underground processes. I would like to invite citizens now in the center of Tirana were will have enough parking for about two thousand cars," said Veliaj.

Thanking donors for the support they have given, Veliaj said Tirana will be one of the most green cities not only in Albania but also in the region./Oculus News

Tirana Municipality donates 2,000 olive trees to Farka Lake inhabitants Tirana Municipality donates 2,000 olive trees to Farka Lake inhabitants Sunday, April 02, 2017 Rating: 5
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