Tirana Court gives 7.5 years in prison for former deputy Frroku

Tirana Court gives 7.5 years in prison for former deputy Frroku
Mark Frroku in Tribunal

 Tirana prosecution demanded 25 years in prison for former Christian Democrat deputy and ally of Socialist Party, Mark Frroku.

Tirana Court sentenced Mark Frrokun, former Christian Democratic leader  Socialist Party ally to 7 years and 6 months.

The decision was made on allegations of property deprivation, money laundering and illegal construction.

But the Court said Frroku was innocent over the murder of the Albanian Alexander Kurti on March 5, 1999 in the capital of Belgium, Brussels.

This was the worst allegation for former MP Frroku, against whom Belgian officials of law and order had also filed testimony that protected the investigation relating to the murder of Kurti by him.

Mr Frroku's lawyers said they would appeal the First Instance Court's decision  and that there is no charge for money laundering against him.

The prosecution wants 25 years in prison for former MP Frroku

The murder in Brussels is a part of the charges made by the Tirana Prosecutor's Office against the former Christian Democrat deputy and Government ally, Mark Frroku.

He is on trial for four counts among them the Alexander Kurt's assassination in Belgium in 1999. Meanwhile the prosecution requested specifically these sentences:

1 - On the charge: "Premeditated murder committed in co-operation" is required to be sentenced to 17 years in prison;

2 - For the charge: "Refusal to declare, non-declaration, concealment or false declaration of assets of elected persons and public employees", a 3 year imprisonment sentence is required;

3- For the charge: "Cleaning of products of criminal offense or criminal activity", a 15-year prison sentence is required.

4 - "Illegal construction", is required a 4-year jail sentence.

Meanwhile yesterday after about a year of trial, the Tirana Court acquitted the accused as a collaborator for the murder in Belgium of Kristjan Marinaj.
Mark Frroku handed over the mandate on November 26, 2015.

According to the prosecution Mark Frroku in co-operation with 3 others have killed Alexander Kurt, due to clashes in the illegal exploitation of prostitution.

According to HIDAA, the MP has a fortune of $ 2 million (exactly 209,627,218 new lek) which are not justified by legitimate sources. This property was sequestered by a verdict of the Serious Crimes Court in July 2016.

His file was submitted to Court on December 2015./Oculus News

Tirana Court gives 7.5 years in prison for former deputy Frroku Tirana Court gives 7.5 years in prison for former deputy Frroku Friday, April 21, 2017 Rating: 5
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