Sigmar Gabriel to opposition: the Boycott and Caretaker Government are nonsense

Sigmar Gabriel in TIrana

 In Tirana, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel talked today in critical tones regarding the political situation created in Albania as a result of opposition protests and Parliament boycotts and registration to not participate in June 18 June elections

German Foreign Minister stressed the importance of Law reform implementation, which was passed unanimously by parliament last July, and the consequences that led the boycott of the opposition. 

"Now, unfortunately, with great and without understanding we see with that Justice Reform is being obstructed. No one in Europe can understand the fact that elected MPs can boycott the Parliament. In my country and in Europe it is absurd that the elected MPs refuse to do their work in Parliament." And instead, they gather in the tent making tyhe opposition against parliament, the members of which are themselves. This is a circumstance that can not and should not be accepted,"said the German minister, adding that "what is unimaginable, is that a minority does not try to change the situation through elections but through parliament boycott. Thus arises the impression that has fears regarding the implementation of Justice Reform and in the future will not be able to pursue their own interests, as might have been the case in the past." Minister Gabriel stressed that the delay in the implementation of Judicial Reform will have consequences for the progress of Albania on the road to European integration.

"There is a prejudice against Albania. And what opposition is doing, confirms in a way the prejudices of many people against Albania. Who boycotts the Parliament to deter the Justice Reform, harms the country and Albania reputation".

Speaking on the issue of elections, Minister Gabriel stressed that "the normal case would be if the deputies, who are not satisfied with what the government executes to anathematize this during the election campaign. So for us it is very important that on the basis of Constitution and valid laws the Justice Refform to be applied Reform, and second we appeal to the Government and Parliament to work on the basis of the constitution and laws for the proper conduct of free and fair elections ".

"I'll convey this message also to opposition that the entire federal government believes that the boycott is not an acceptable way to express the will. Nobody understands that shortly before elections is requested the resignation of a government and establishment of a caretaker government that somehow means the dissolution of the current government. Certainly the opposition doesn't wants this Government and this is normal, but is absurd at this point./Oculus News

Sigmar Gabriel to opposition: the Boycott and Caretaker Government are nonsense Sigmar Gabriel to opposition: the Boycott and Caretaker Government are nonsense Monday, April 17, 2017 Rating: 5
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