Restored Musine Kokalari's house in Gjirokastra

Restored Musine Kokalari's house in Gjirokastra
Musine Kokalari house burning 

 The Disident's House of Musine Kokalari, although not included in the list of cultural monuments, remains among the most visited in the city of Gjirokastra.

In November 2014, this house full of stories was burned by an accidental fire, and on February 10 of this year, on the day when the 100th anniversary of the last revision was commemorated, Minister Kumbaro announced the launch of its restoration: We see nothing concrete from this statement, the house of Musine Kokalari has attracted the attention of a group of German architects. Severin Qurk, who has completed architecture studies at the University of Vienna, is one of them.

He is in Gjirokastra these days to design a restoration project, which he will present to this university. "A year ago I came to Gjirokastra and the life and activity of Musine Kokalari drew my attention.

I had the opportunity to meet with her relatives who told me about this figure. When I returned to Germany together with a group of architects we discussed the possibility of drafting a restoration project for the burnt flat. That spring I went back to Gjirokastra with the desire to design and finish the home restoration project. I think it's a special thing not only for the fact that it was the house of Musine Kokalari but also for the special values that this house had before was burned" Said German architect Severin Qurk.

During 2017, a series of activities are planned in honor of the founder of the Albanian social democracy, persecuted by the communist regime for 4 decades. During the Scientific Conference, "Musine Kokalari, Awareness of Writing and Resistance", held on February 10, Prime Minister Edi Rama said that the opening of communist files will start exactly with the file of Kokalari. /Oculus News

Restored Musine Kokalari's house in Gjirokastra Restored Musine Kokalari's house in Gjirokastra Saturday, April 29, 2017 Rating: 5
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