Jorgji Kote's book 'True Stories from Red Albania' welcomed in Brussels

 Jorgji Kote's book 'True Stories from Red Albania' welcomed in Brussels

The book "True Stories from Red Albania" by Jorgji Kote (Toena Publications, 2016) has aroused curiosity and interest abroad, especially in Belgium, Luxembourg and other foreign countries.

The Belgian daily "Brussels Times" published a lengthy review of this book at the end of January. After the Albanian library "ALBEL" this book is put on sale in Brussels from the European Library at EU institutions, on the other known library "Cook & Book" etc.

On March 3 to 5, "True Stories from Red Albania" was exhibited at the International Book Salon in Luxembourg, where the author was invited along with two other Albanian authors.

Albanian board is visited by the deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ambassador of Luxembourg, non-resident, in Albania, Mrs. Nadia Ernzer which said: "I read this book with pleasure and I like the elegant and interesting way of writing; it is a pleasure to travel back in time, because we can learn better about the recent past of your people."

General Consul of Honor, Luxembourg, Vito Cassone said:

"I am shocked by all the details of everyday life, at that time, the Albanian courageous people. I am left speechless after reading the book, living with your people, with incredible and crazy obsessions of a regressive Political Bureau ".

On March 8, the author Jorgji Kote was invited by the Department of Slavistika and Eastern Europe at the prestigious University of Ghent, where he held an interesting meeting on the content of this book and answered a lot of questions. The head of the Department, prof. dr. Rozita Dimova said on this occasion: "So far we have not seen a book of this type and format to tell about life under the Communist regime, for which we need so much."

The compatriot Era Hajdari, a manager in a company in Antwerp present at the meeting stressed: "It is a pleasure to read this book and to convey the nostalgia for a bygone era, as you have lived in it. Makes a subtle contrast with today's life, not only materially but also spiritually ... A changing world, where the bridge is the author's story."

Even fellow countrymen from Germany, Denmark and the United States, after reading the book gave their positive outlook.

Engineering Selo Mollaj, residing in New York, wrote: "Now that I'm reading this book I understand that his cover has organic links with all written material, so that in many cases the form expresses the content very well! Even from a literary standpoint the book is like embroidered ".

Eshref Ymer, a well known professor of foreign languages, who lives in the US, said: "I am convinced that 'True Stories from Red Albania" will require reprint to reach of many readers. "It is expected that in the coming weeks this book will be promoted in other European institutions in Brussels and elsewhere./Oculus News

Jorgji Kote's book 'True Stories from Red Albania' welcomed in Brussels  Jorgji Kote's book 'True Stories from Red Albania' welcomed in Brussels Sunday, April 02, 2017 Rating: 5
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