Edon Maxhuni towards NBA

Edon Maxhuni towards NBA

 The Albanain basketball player with Finnish citizenship, Edon Maxhuni, will play next season in the US colleges league, NCAA, at the University of Long Beach State in California, Kosovo media reports.

Besim Maxhuni's former basketball son Besim Maxhuni was the guest of two American colleges, Long Beach State and Hawaii University, to see the offerings made by these two colleges to him.

After a week, Edon and his family have decided for the next 4 years to become part of the University of Los Angeles, Long Beach State. This college has formed 21 basketball players who have played in NBA, while currently in the strong basketball league play James Ennis and Casper Ware.

Edmund Maxhuni from August 25 joined the team while he begins his adventure in November. The 18-year-old was part of the Helsinki Academy, becoming an uncompromising player in his position in Finnish national team in all age groups./Oculus News

Edon Maxhuni towards NBA Edon Maxhuni towards NBA Sunday, April 23, 2017 Rating: 5
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