3 Albanians with 2.3 kg of high quality cocaine arrested in Italy

 About 2.3 kg of high quality cocaine ready for market was caught by Italian Police in the Modena, where three Albanians are arrested for drug trafficking.

The operation was conducted last night by Modena Police mobile squad, led by Marcello Castello. Was a flash operation where a police officer is easily wounded after one of the Albanians was ready to drag him by car.

From some days investigators had under control the "Emilia" street. The residents of the area had signaled: there were car movements, people who stopped and strange moves especially in "Zanfi" street. Alarms had arrived at the night of the operation and police agents were put in action. Two cars moving along "Emilia Ovest" were kept under surveillance, the police followed the cars and ordered them to stop.

One of the two persons in the car, a 31-year-old Albanian stopped and is arrested immediately, while the other disobeyed the order and continued to the first traffic light. Police agents reached the car trying to escape and put it in the middle by ordering the two men in it to stop and get out the car for a check.

While one of the policemen approached the car and opened the trunk, the driver stepped on the gas and the agent rushed to the ground, luckily with light injuries although risked his life.

The two Albanians who were in the car were able to flee, but another group of agents had long since gone to one of the Albanians partner's apartment  and waited there. After a few minutes, the Albanian entered the house, where the police went after and arrested him, Italian media reports.

In his home police found and seized 8 thousand euros. While the other Albanian who escaped was arrested in his home in Castelvetro.

After checking in the apartment, police found 2 kg and 300 grams of cocaine inserted into a bag.

According to investigators the three Albanians were known for former drug bargains.

The seized cocaine if sold in the market would bring about 20 thousand of euros in profits./Oculus News

3 Albanians with 2.3 kg of high quality cocaine arrested in Italy 3 Albanians with 2.3 kg of high quality cocaine arrested in Italy Sunday, April 30, 2017 Rating: 5
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