Kosovo-Iceland match, Shkodra Police publishes the action plan

Kosovo-Iceland match, Shkodra Police publishes hte action plan

 Albanian police published the action plan relating to the match between Kosovo and Iceland to be played at the stadium "Loro Borici" tomorrow evening.

Local Police Directorate of Shkodra will take a series of technical and organizational measures, ensuring public order and security before, during and after the international soccer match.

Within the framework of these measures we inform citizens of Shkodra city, Iceland and Kosovo funs, who will attend the match at the stadium "Loro Borici" that Shkodra Police, for the normal development of this sporting activity, will take some prohibitive and restrictive measures on the movement and parking of vehicles near the stadium and the roads surrounding it, as follows:

1. For the movement of vehicles and their parking will be used Shkodra City Ring.

2. For the parking of vehicles in Shkodra city will be used these locations:

• "Mehmet Shpendi" square.

• The length of the route of the Industrial Middle School "Arben Broci".

• Square to the railroad passenger station.

• Square and the road at the "Fusha e Druve," at the eastern ring.

3. At "Bujar Bishanaku" (or wide path of Kiras) street, starting at 10:00 traffic and parking will be prohibited for vehicles on both sides of the road, until 24:00.

4. These measures are taken because this route will be the only main road entrance and exit of home and foreign fans.

5. At the axis of boulevard "Zogu i Parë" (or square Parrucë up to "The former five-Heroes"), starting at 10:00 there will be traffic restrictions and parking prohibition on vehicles on both sides of the road, untill at 24:00.

6. There will be prohibited parking of vehicles and their movement from the intersection of the road leading to "B. Bishanaku" and vice versa, from 10:00 until 24:00.

7. There will be prohibited the parking and movement of vehicles on the road "Zyhdi Repishti" (the way of the former shooting range) from 10:00 until 24:00.

8. There will be prohibited the parking and vehicle movement on the road to the industrial market and fruit and vegetables at Zdrale, from 10:00 until 24:00.

9. There will be a restriction of movement of vehicles in the afternoon until the end of the match on these road segments:

• "Xhabije - Parrucë"

• "Square 2 April - Parrucë"

• "Intersection former branch - Former five-Heroes"

• "Crucifixion of Rusi - Former five-Heroes"

10. The match is scheduled to start at 20:45, but the entrance of the fans, in order to avoid confusion, will start at 17.00.

11. We seek the understanding of the football fans who will participate in this activity in implementing these measures as well the provision the ticket and identification device, while simultaneously avoiding keeping to the stadium premises solid objects, trumpets, any type of bottles, fireworks, coins or metal objects, as all fun will be checked physically.

12. We inform business managers who develop their commercial activity around and near the stadium "Loro Borici", to show their understanding by closing their activities at 14.00.

13. Local Police Directorate of Shkodra, requires the understanding of Shkodra comunity  to avoid the area where sporting activity takes place, using other movement axes and directions as will be regarded as a very valuable contribution to the progress of the match./Oculus News

Kosovo-Iceland match, Shkodra Police publishes the action plan Kosovo-Iceland match, Shkodra Police publishes the action plan Thursday, March 23, 2017 Rating: 5
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