German film on Albanian-Serb love arrives in New Zealand

German film on Albanian-Serb love arrives in New Zealand

 Even though has five years since is created the film that brings the story of an Albanian-Serbian love in Kosovo in 1999 continues the journey around the world. It has arrived to New Zealand.

"Die Brücke am Ibar" (bridge over the Ibar), directed by Michaela Kezele, will be displayed for the public of New Plymouth on 26 March. Precisely the cinema "Len Lye Center" that will open the doors to this film. "Len Lye Center" is an international destination for experimental films and kinetic art. 

Therein lies the collection and archive of Len Lye, one of the most original artists of the twentieth century. Pioneer, filmmaker, sculptor, painter and extraordinary poet whose works bring a unique approach to modernism.

The Serbian widow Danica (Zrinka Cvitešić) lives with her two sons Vlado (Andrija Nikčević) and Danilo (Milos Mesaroviq) in a small town, which was divided by the Ibar River into Serb and Albanian side. The death of Danica's husband in the hands of the Albanians has left deep traces in the family.

Since then Danilo has not spoken a word and remained lost in his own world, who dreams to have a blue bike. In order to buy it, every day he goes fishing in the waters of Ibar, who then sells the fish to the owner of a store nearby for little money. Despite the war, everyone in the community want to live a normal life./Oculus News

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