Is Forbidden to Die - Ermal Meta today in Sanremo

Ermal Meta in Sanremo

 Vietato morire  (Is Forbidden to Die) is the song with which the Albanian songwriter Ermal Meta will be presented on the first night of the Festival of Italian Song - Sanremo 2017.

For the second consecutive year the Albanian artist will ascend on the prestigious stage of the Ariston in the 67th edition of the Italian song, considered one of the most important events of music.

Meta is one of 22 singers selected in the category of 'champions' standing by well known singers like Albano, Gigi D'Alesio, Michele Zarillo etc.

The song text "Vietato morire" is considered by Italian critics as the best current text of the songs participating in this edition.

Meta in a press conference said that this song and this text is not only his history, but a current topic that should belong to the past and not the present. The song will be part of his album expected to be released on February 10.

Albanian artist also participated last year in Sanremo with the song "Odio le favole" were he is runked in the best trio of youth category.

Meta is not unknown for Italian music, as he is the creator of many hit songs sung by Italian artists, like Emma, Marco Mengoni, Francesco Renga, Giusy Ferreri, etc.

The festival is expected to have many surprises and will be directed by two famous names of the Italian screen, Maria de Fillipi and Karlo Konti

Is Forbidden to Die - Ermal Meta today in Sanremo Is Forbidden to Die - Ermal Meta today in Sanremo Tuesday, February 07, 2017 Rating: 5
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