Climate of Albania

Albanian Climate

 Albania has a Mediterranean climate with dry and hot summer, with big sunshine and in general with and wet cool winter.  

But the relief that is very splitting, the different heights from sea level, the different directions of hills and mountains belts and especially mountains belts and not equal influence of sea and continent, have conditioned big changes in climate of different regions of the country. From southwest to northeast but also from west to east in summer it passed from big hotness to a kindly mountain coolness, while in winter from warm weather to a severe with frost climate.

The annual average temperature change from 7,5° C in north and northeast to 17,5 C into Albanian Riviera, in interior the January temperature moves from -3° C to +2° C but there are very often this temperatures -5° C, -10°C, also lower till -26.9° C, that notes the lowest temperature in Albania. On west the temperatures of this month move from 5 C to 10°C, while in Riviera go till in 10° C. Here the vegetation period doesn’t discontinue, ore discontinue only for few days. In West Depression, in Riviera and in manly part of the country with small ore till medium height from sea level the July average temperature goes from 16.8° C till in 20° C, while daily maximums go over 27-30° C. Albania, as all other Mediterranean countries, is distinguished for big number of sunshine days. These days take about 88-90% of year’s days. During the year it counts from 2046 sunshine hours (Kukes), till in 2730 hours (Fier).In depression regions and especially in coastal one’s during summer, it is very rare the cases of cloudy weather or raining days. The annual average quantity is 1480 mm).This big rain falls is connect mainly with mountain relief and the direction northwest-southeast of mountain belts. Because of heights and big splitting of relief the rain falls have a untidy geographical spread. The annual average quantity moves from 600-700 mm till over 3100 mm in west part of Alps (Boge). 60 - 80% of rain fall during cold half of the year. This rain falls are concentrated only in few days. The mainly part of this fall as shower and are distinguished for their emphatic oscillation of rain falls quantity from one year to other year, in general, and for their different rain falls in different months and seasons.

This so untidy diet of rain falls takes the possibilities of dryness creation in summer and this dryness is appeared and in other year’s seasons, and a big dampness into cold half of the year. Both of these dryness and dampness are very harmful for the economy. For this reasons are opened watering and draining channels and are constructed water keeping. In Albania has also the snow falls. From 1 day in field part, till 100 days in high mountain zones.

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