Lord George Robertson: I've Albanian blood

Lord George Robertson: I've Albanian blood

 Former NATO Secretary Lord George Robertson, who is on a brief visit to Kosovo revealed a secret which even he by himself did not know when he intervened in Kosovo. Robertson said that on the basis of a DNA test, a percentage of his paternal genes are Albanian.

In the framework of his visit to Kosovo, the former NATO Secretary Lord George Robertson held a lecture to the students of the College "Universum" in Pristina.

During his talk with students, Robertson spoke with admiration for the achievements of the state of Kosovo from 1999 until today. He also talked about some very important moments that led to the intervention of NATO in Kosovo, repeating the statement: "Serbs out, peacekeepers in, refugees back".

During his lecture, Robertson mentioned the responsibility of Kosovo's youth, asking them to be more vigilant and more persistent in improving life in the country. He urged the youth to build the future of Kosovo not through migration to Western countries.

Former NATO Secretary Lord Robertson, confessed before the Albanian students that his father's family was Albanian. He said that a DNA test made long ago, revealed that a large percentage of genes from his father are Albanian.

Robertson revealed that it was not aware of this when was NATO secretary, however, this fact relates more with Kosovo. In the end, Lord Robertson said that tear gas and violence towards institutions is not the solution. He also said that is Kosovo's politicians responsibility to prevent corruption, if they want this country with numerous friends from around the world to progress and integrate into the EU and NATO.

Lord George Robertson: I've Albanian blood Lord George Robertson: I've Albanian blood Sunday, January 22, 2017 Rating: 5
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