Bushati in Iran asks the recognition of Kosovo

Bushati in Iran asks the recognition of Kosovo

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati held a visit to Tehran at the invitation of the Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif.

During his two-day visit, Bushati held meetings with the President Rouhani. his counterpart Zarif, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Group of Iran-Albania friendship, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Agriculture and Mines and Chair of the Agency for Cultural Heritage and Tourism.

In the meeting that was reserved by President Rouhani was agreed on the need to increase cooperation between the two countries in areas of common interest. Minister Bushati expressed appreciation for the role of the Iranian government and President himself in achieving agreement on Iran's nuclear program with the international factor, as an agreement in the service of security and peace in the world.

President Rouhani praised the friendship between the two peoples and underlined the importance of exploiting the potential for further developing bilateral relations.

During the meeting the two foreign ministers signed a memorandum of understanding on diplomatic consultations. Appreciating the steps to revitalize bilateral relations. The two ministers agreed on the need to strengthen the legal framework of cooperation. Particularly in the field of trade exchanges, tourism and culture. In this context, the Parliamentary cooperation was seen as an important element in relations between the two countries.

Both parties also appreciated the importance of establishing contacts and encouraged the exchange of information between the business communities of the two countries.

In all the meetings he had, Bushati presented his request for Iran to recognise Kosovo.

Bushati in Iran asks the recognition of Kosovo Bushati in Iran asks the recognition of Kosovo Sunday, January 15, 2017 Rating: 5
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