Serbia fears that Romania may recognize Kosovo

Serbia fears that Romania may recognize Kosovo

 Serbia is afraid that the victory of the Social Democratic Party in parliamentary elections in Romania will be able to bring to the agenda the issue of recognition of the independence of Kosovo.

Romania's former prime minister, the Social Democrat Victor Panetta, during his second mandate had mentioned a change of attitude and the possibility of recognizing Kosovo's independence, the Serbian newspaper "Sputnik" writes.

Dusan Prorokovic, executive director of the Center for Strategic Alternatives, said that the party that will form the government will have pressure from Washington and Brussels to recognize Kosovo.

"Romanian politicians are testing whether the public opinion can be changed in this direction. Germany is concerned that Romania to change its position in this context and to Romania are offered privileges dealing with its future status in the EU ", said Prorokovic.

Romania is one of five EU member states which have not recognized Kosovo.

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