Albania-Israel, 2 thousand policemen for the match

Albania-Israel, 2 thousand policemen for the match

 In Albania, police announced today that will deploy 2 thousand police force to ensure the security of the national football match between Albanian and Israel which will be played tomorrow in the city of Elbasan. 

The game was ment to be held in the city of Shkodra, but for "security reasons" the Albanian Federation changed the stadium three days ago. 

The decision is related to arrests made last weekend of a group suspected of links with ISIS and having activity in Shkodra and the Great Highlands of Albania.

The group thought that was preparing a terrorist assassination during the match with Israel. Police effectives engaged the special antiterrorist units.

Israeli national who was received yesterday under tight security measures at Mother Teresa airport while escorting its long road to the capital was prohibited for other vehicles.

Also the area of the hotel in Tirana is under strict supervision.

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