Lambertz: The true History of humanity will be written only with the Albanians

 Lamartine: "Albanians, this nation and this people can not be mocked ... This is the land of heroes of all time ... Homer found there Achilles, the Greeks the Alexander the Great, Turks found Skanderbeg, people these of the same race, the same blood" .

Maurico Druon, secretary of the French Academy: "Albanians belonging to those people older than History itself. Albanian grandparents participated in the war of Troy, led by Achilles (on one side) and Hector (the other side) ".

Nicolas Iorga: "The Albanian people together and the Basques one are the oldest in Europe."

Maximilian Lambertz: "The true History of the humanity will be written only when it will be written with the participation of Albanians".

Huacunthe Hecquard: "In no country in the world women are not more respected and does not exercise a powerful activity than Albanian women, some Albanian mothers ousted from home their children because left the war front. They had returned them to the battlefield".

Lord Byron: "Albanians with their costumes make a most wonderful scenery in the world ... Albanians are the most beautiful human race exists, courageous, stronger than their strongholds."

Henry Noel Brailsford: "... The 'primitive' Albanian, in fact is the superhuman," of which Nietzsche dreamed."

Giuseppe Katapano: "Atlantida which disappeared 12,000 years ago, was the land of the Illyrians (Pelasgians), who escaped the flood of Atlantis and began new civilizations on all continents, especially in Europe, Africa and Small Asia small".

Agostino Ribeco: "The millennial Albanians Rights, ethnographic and geographic range from old times in Illyria, Macedonia and Thessaly."

Branislav Nušić: "Albanians are indigenous, who during all invasions of peoples kept its type and character significantly. They faced attacks by Romans, dense Slavs raids, who invadet them all fields, plains, and rivers ".

H. Dusko Konstantinov: "Albanians are the oldest inhabitants of the Balkan Peninsula and direct descendants of the Illyrians, who had built the most powerful state in the Balkans."

Edvin Jacques: "The Illyrians or Albanians, these stalwart warriors were Albanians, heirs of Achilles, Philip, Alexander the Great and the Piros of Epirus ...".

Edvin Pears: "Albanians are descendants of the oldest race of the Balkan Peninsula, namely the Aryan race, to draw this word from two Albanian roots of words: Gold and side, which i.e. people of pure gold."

Max Myle: "The names of of most familiar people derived from the old Albanian word 'Ar'. This also applies to many other countries of the world."

Fanulla Papazogllu: "Dardania is one of the ancient Balkan provinces where the indigenous population is the best preserved."

Jen Goss: "The origin of the Albanians to the time of Pelazgs and have pre-helen origin."

Gustav Meier: "Albanians are young Illyrians".

George Hahn: "Albanians are descendants of Illyrians, but the descendants of the Illyrians were Pelasgians ... Albanians are grandchildren of Pelasgians".

Haki Pasha: "If the Albanian history emerges, the Ottoman Empire will go to the river".

Harold Whitehal: "Egyptian hieroglyphics, created 4,000 years ago have Albanian significance".

Henri Braisford: "In Macedonia, Albanians are the only indigenous people."

Johan von Han: "The Albanian derives from Illyrian and the Illyrian from  Pellasgian one".

Jovan Cvijiq: "South Slavs, after arrived in the Balkans, found there the Albanians, who under their pressure (Slavs) retreated southward and to most mountainous areass, where we face today."

Konstantin Paparigopulos: "Only the Albanians are considered descendants of the Illyrian race."

Lambertz: The true History of humanity will be written only with the Albanians Lambertz: The true History of humanity will be written only with the Albanians Sunday, October 09, 2016 Rating: 5
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