Tirana, 12 kg of drugs seized in the police car, officer and his fellow arrested (Video)

 12 kg of drugs seized in the police car yesterday eveninf, while in handcuffs fell two people, among them a police officer.

Thanks to the operation codenamed "Falcon" was arrested Dashamir Qershori. 44 years old from Picallë village of Petrelë Commune, police officer, and Elton Elezi, born in the village of Gurre e Vogel and resident in Durres.

Police sources indicated that at Elbasan street near the roundabout at sanatorium, Qershori (police) and Elton Elezi, 25 years old In collaboration with one another are  suspected of committing the criminal activity of the sale of narcotics in the area of Farka, Sauk, and sanatorium. Even, Elezi tried to escape from police and the latter was forced to shoot guns into the air to stop him.

The policeman was using his police vehicle with license plates F. TR 6167 for carrying out illegal traffic, abusing thus with his duty.

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