Justice Reform in Albania - 100 judges and prosecutors resign

Justice Reform in Albania - 100  judges and prosecutors resign

Just one month after the adoption of Justice Reform came the first resignations in the ranks of prosecutors and judges.

There are 100 judges and prosecutors at all levels who have filed resignation from the institutions they work for not being more a part of justice.

This figure was announced yesterday during the show "Debate on Channel One" of the journalist Roland Qafoku from Bashkim Sulstarova, a well-known lawyer in Tirana.

Although this figure is not official, is also confirmed by other jurists, eminent personalities of justice. According to Sultarova, they have used the new law under which no judge or prosecutor will be investigated for her or his illegal wealth if resigns.

Across the country there are about 400 judges and 400 prosecutors at all levels. This is the largest number of resignations in the history of the Albanian justice.

Following the adoption of the Justice Reform the first important operation is the investigation of all assets of prosecutors and judges and if they do not justify it, not only they will be fired but also will be investigated for criminal proceedings.

In this way, 100 judges and prosecutors have preferred better to leave than to be part of these processes.

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