EU recognizes the Cham issue, accepts the Albanian file

EU recognizes the Cham issue, accepts the Albanian file

 The file of Albanian foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati for addressing the open issues between Albania and Greece received the blessing of the European Commission.

Was the commissioner Johahens Hahn, who in a hearing with MEPs stressed that the matter of the sea, as stated otherwise by Greek Ambassador in Tirana, is recognized by the European Commission as an unresolved issue between the two countries.

Commissioner Hahn stopped on bilateral mechanism to address the historical issues between the two countries, part of Bushati-Kotzias package, which the Commission recognizes as such the Cham issue.

Top Channel has provided the answer of Commissioner Johannes Hahn given to Greek MEP  Maria Spyraki about her concern describing Albanian claims as "irredentist claims of Albania", listing a series of events that occurred before and during the visit of Minister Kotzias in Tirana.

MP departed from the statements of Prime Minister Edi Rama at the Convention of the Party for Justice, Integration and Unity (PDIU) and the protest held during the visit of the Greek minister in Tirana. In the end, New Democracy MEP addresses two questions to Commissioner Hahn.

"Does this Commission considers the actions of this party (PDIU) part of the Albanian Government to be in the spirit of good neighborliness, being this a prerequisite for Albania on its way to EU?
- Will be taken into account the above mentioned events in the progress report on Albania?" Asked the Greek MEP.

Commissioner Hahn's answer was very clear:

"The Commission noted positively that the frequency of high-level visits between the authorities of Albania and Greece increased. Diplomatic relations between the two countries have been intensified, political dialogue also is at the best shape.

The Commission welcomed the fact that the two countries are discussing the creation of a joint mechanism that will meet periodically to resolve the outstanding bilateral issues.

This includes the definition of the continental shelf and the Albanian-Greek maritime zones, the rights of persons belonging to minorities and the Cham issue. The Commission commended those efforts, expressing gratitude for the renewal of such a significant bilateral diplomatic commitment," said Commissioner Hahn.

EU recognizes the Cham issue, accepts the Albanian file EU recognizes the Cham issue, accepts the Albanian file Thursday, September 29, 2016 Rating: 5
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