A Turkish company gets with concession the National Road

 To Turkish company "Vendeka Bilgi Teknolojileri Ltd" was awarded the concession for the maintenance of Rruga e Kombit (National Road).

Ministry of Transport through a press release made public today announced the winning bid by the evaluation commission in cooperation with the international consultant "IFC".

The proposed initial investment amounts to 50,622,174 Euro, while ongoing investment in road maintenance and operation amounts to 320,604,079 Euros. To get with concession the construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of Milot-Morine highway, in the system of the Public Procurement Agency are presented three offers:

1. The temporary union of companies "Viva Das General Catalyst Constructing LLC", "Salillari" LTD, "Violap ATEVE", "Bee Tech" and "cranberries" JSC.

2. The temporary union of companies "Vendeka Bilgi TEKNOLOJILERI Ltd", "PT Citra Marga Persada Nusaphala TDK", "Mehmet Unal He Taahhlil Insaat Madencilik San. Ve Tic. A.Ş " " Tah.San.Tic Savronik A.Ş System "," European Investment Vendeka B.V ".

3. Luman Biba

In conclusion, the Bid Evaluation Commission decided to announce the winner the temporary union of companies led by "Vendeka Bilgi TEKNOLOJILERI Ltd". Against this decision may appeal to the Public Procurement Commission.

134 km long highway with four lanes, linking Tirana and Pristina, has costed two billion Euro "portfolio" to Albania and Kosovo. For this strategic highway are opened several tenders who have failed. Regarding to "National Road" are opened three investigations for corruption, abuse of office and offenses relating to terms of the contract.

For the next concessionaire is set as objective to build, improve and maintain the highway according to a predefined standards. Is predicted that after the construction of the highway, the trade between Albania and Kosovo to take a big jerk even so the growth untill now has been modest.

A Turkish company gets with concession the National Road A Turkish company gets with concession the National Road Saturday, July 23, 2016 Rating: 5
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