Tourist guide for Riviera villages


 15 villages of Albanian Riviera  have for the first time each one of a brochure as an orientation guide for tourists. 

The villages Dhermi, Vuno, Porto Palermo, Qeparo, Lukovë that are on the seashore, but others close to them as Kudhës, Fterra, Kallarat, Çorraj, Scat, Vranisht etc., a few months ago, these guides were only project ideas, and now they are fully implemented with the support of the German organization for Economic Development GIZ.

The project aims to promote to tourists the Ionian Coast villages that are significantly increased. They will be able to see photos of these guides, monuments, legends and stories of these villages that are very special.

Tourist guide for Riviera villages Tourist guide for Riviera villages Monday, June 13, 2016 Rating: 5
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