Skanderbeg statue in Paris

Skanderbeg statue in Paris

 A statue in the honor of Skanderbeg will be placet at the square with the same name in Paris. Situated in area nr. 19 of the French capital, the square "Skanderbeg" took that name in 1967, and nearly 50 years suffers the lack of a statue in honor of the national hero.

The Director of the National Center for Restoration, Agim Rada, has long begun his work to present the image of the hero with all the components, and to reach the final bocetin, he says he had to make dozens of such.

"To achieve this idea, in order to not be just a warrior with a sword in hand, like a man who beated Turks. He was a leader, and I'm trying to present him as a leader," said Agim Rada, director of the National Center for Restoration.

Skanderbeg of Paris will have his head up, because the sculptor intends to reveal his telescopic vision, and will not miss the elements of Christianity as the cross and the eagle, symbol of the emblem of Kastriots.

"If you look carefully the sword signifies the cross being protected by a shield with a eagle. Behind this is the figure of Skanderbeg, with one hand not aggresive, while the other hand holding the shield is aggressive, it's like the talon, and shows that we are defenssive position and not in charge," said Rada.

The statue will be about 5 meters high, while it is expected to be ready around November.

Skanderbeg statue in Paris Skanderbeg statue in Paris Thursday, June 09, 2016 Rating: 5
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