Era Istrefi posing for V Magazine

Era Istrefi part of V Magazine

Istrefi Era already has traveled to Amsterdam where is posing for V Magazine.

 Beyonce, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Sam and many other international names have been posing for this magazine.

This news comes by the Albanian songstress through a photo posted on Instagram. Istrefi Era was part of the magazine pictures assisted by the famous photographer Fadil Berisha.

Istrefi is working intensively on new projects aiming the international market.

Istrefi is a very famous songstress and songwriter. She became known to the public with her song Mani per Money in 2013, getting enough positive criticism. Her songs "A po don" and "E Dehun" reached the same success. In June 2014, she won three awards at Videofest for her music videos, she is awarded also as Best New Artist.

In January 2016, Era Istrefi won a major international attention with her song "Bonbon", were many famous artists compared her to Sia or Rihanna. Because of this success, she got a contract on February 2016 by American Sony Music Entertainment and Ultra Music.

Era Istrefi posing for V Magazine Era Istrefi posing for V Magazine Thursday, June 30, 2016 Rating: 5
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