De Biasi "eliminate" the opponents one by one

 Albania's qualification in the final stage of the European Championship in France in 2016 has been associated with surprises for Rossoneri rivals.

The Italian coach of the Albanian national team, Gianni De Biasi, not only prevailed over rivals in qualifying Albania for Euro 2016, but also "eliminated" opposing coaches one after another. The first "victim" of De Biasi was Portugal coach Paulo Bento, who was fired after the 1-0 defeat of Portugal by Albania. The second was the Dutchman, Dick Avocaat, who was fired after poor results and losing to Albania with the official result 3-0, after the incidents that took place in Belgrade. Third in line is the Armenian coach Bernard Challandes, who was firedd after a 2-1 defeat by Albania, while the last was Martin Olsen, who fled after failing to qualify Denmark in Euro 2016.

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