Albano Carrisi takes the Albanian citizenship

Albano Carrisi takes the Albanian citizenship

 The Italian singer, Carmelo Carrisi Albano got the Albanian citizenship. The decree of the President of the Republic was published yesterday in the Official Gazette, and is adopted on June 10, 2016.

Known character of Italian music seems to have a special relationship with Albania. Its name is inspired by memories of his father who was a soldier during World War II in Albania. 

The Italian singer recalled that his father had spoken with love for the hospitality and the wonderful nature of this country. After 90's Albano has been often present in our country, and maintains friendly relations with many Albanians.

Some weeks ago he was awarded the "Order of Skanderbeg". Born on May 20, 1943 in the city of Cellino San Marco (Puglia) in Italy, he came for the first time to the public in 1966 in the "Festival delle Rose" (Rose Festival). Since the first two years of his career he signed a significant contract with EMI.

At this time he recorded "Nell sole" (in the sun) that had an immediate success with 1 million 300 thousand copies sold. That same year participates in the tournament that Rolling Stone was making in Italy. During these years he was recognized with Romina Power, who later became his wife, and had a musical career of about 30 years together. Their songs were on the top of many European Latin America  countries as "Felicita", "Sharzan", "Ci sara" (won first place in Sanremo) "Liberta", "noi Io, riveivrei di nuovo" (represented Italy in Eurovision)" Nostalggia canaglia "etc.

In the mid 90s the couple split after the mysterious loss of one of their daughters. Albano comes back on stage in 1996, this time lonley, with "E la mia vita". In 2007 he participates again in Sanremo with "Nel Perdono" which was ranked in second place. Albano has a very successful career and is known in many countries. He has sold over 165 million copies of his albums and was evaluated with 26 gold discs and 8 platinum, as well as many other music awards.

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