620 thousand euros for the Archaeological Park of Apollonia by EU

620 mijë euro për Parkun Arkeologjik të Apollonisë by EU

 Apollonia Archaeological Park is undergoing a project of 620 thousand euros. According to the Ministry of Culture, the project is part of the list of the projects of Ljubljana-financing Rehabilitation Heritage in Southeastern Europe, a joint initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Commission to support the restoration of historical heritage, as a generator of social capital and economic development, were locaë population benefits by the development of cultural tourism.

This project is funded under CARDS Regional Programme. The work will be performed within the monuments of monastery. Including the porch of statues, dining table, Church, archaeological depot, the surrounding area of the museum and teh park. Today, at 16:00  the Minister of Culture Mirela Kumbaro and the Ambassador of the European Delegation Romana Viahutin to inspect the continuation of the work at the Park of Apollonia and the Monastery of Saint Maria, as part of it.

The work
An Important part of the interventions will be the construction of a new pumping station, electrical cabinets and new parking environment. It should be noted that due to archaeological findings the work on the construction of new facilities are deferred and have shifted from the original project. The work began on January 2016 and will end on January 2017. The total walue of the works is about 619 000 thousand euros.

The project was prepared with EU funds within the program FA 2012 and the value of the contract is 120 thousand euros. The designers initially prepared a master plan for the Archaeological Park of Apollonia, where the south gate will serve as the new entrance. The aim of the new entry is to connect the park with the bypass of Fier, which is under construction and  is expected to be finalized by mid. 2017.

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