Netherland deported 30 Albanians

 The Netherlands has announced that has deported 30 Albanian this week whose asylum requests is not accepted.

According to a written statement from the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice the group of Albanians is deported by Rotterdam's airport to Albania under the escort of security personnel with a state plane to the Netherlands.

The statement said that among the deportees in addition to persons that have been refused asylum requests were also some who came from Belgium.

The Dutch Ministry statement also said that the number of Albanian refugees in 2016 went to 500.

Lately the number of Albanians in Netherlands has been increased significaly.

Because Albania is on the list of safe countries in the Netherlands, requests for asylum to citizens of this country are rejected.

Under the agreement the two countries the persons does not benefit asylum in the Netherlands are deported in groups.

Netherland deported 30 Albanians Netherland deported 30 Albanians Saturday, May 21, 2016 Rating: 5
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