Martin Shkreli: If Trump wins, I become king of Albania

 Martin Shkreli, the Albanian who became known for raising the price of a vital drug, 5 thousand times more than he bought it, said it would support the candidate Donald Trump in the presidential election.

This shows that not all Albanians does not want Donald Trump. There are also those who support his candidacy for President of the United States. So Martin Shkreli, who a few months ago was nicknamed "the most hated Albanian online" has stated that will support the candidate Trump. This is the political attitude of the "bad boy of Pharmaceutics" that created an unprecedented wave of hate when lifted "overnight" the price of a vital drug 5,000 times more after bought the monopoly for it.

The son of Albanian migrant children who once is praised as a genius on Wall Street, is facing serious federal charges on abuse with investors, employers and firms that he has run for years. Shkreli seemed that initially was a supporter of Hillary Clinton, but after the harsh statements of Clinton as he pictured him as a symbol of abuse of a pharmaceutical industry out of control, he shifted his support to Bernie Sanders, sending to him publicly a check of US $ 2,500.

Senator's campaign later stated that had refused the check and forwarded it to a charitable foundation. After that, Shkreli began shifting to Republicans, ending yesterday at an open support for Donald Trump.

He certainly is not the first allowed by law to abuse with the pries of the drugs, but certainly there is no equal in his brutality and indiscretion of his market strategy. Media and activists who view with concern the candidate Donald Trump have rushed to give this message of support perhaps as a means to reinforce the caricature with which describe Republican billionaire. For the sake of truth, Donald Trump has called Martin Shkreli "a pet birbo" when Daraprim drug scandal broke.

The news is brought by Shkreli on social networks, a situation which he loves. Shkreli has a mania to answer to all those who criticize or insult him and the enemies of Donald Trump say he actually acts as a "small Trump". A moment is interesting to the Albanian reader, it is about journalist who called him "completely fool or the fool (choose what you want)". By Martin Shkreli answered: "I will change when I become king of Albania and take control of the media ...". After this more and more people are hating him. But he's happy anyway.

Martin Shkreli: If Trump wins, I become king of Albania Martin Shkreli: If Trump wins, I become king of Albania Sunday, May 29, 2016 Rating: 5
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